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Perhaps, there’s a point in saying that love is probably the cause of half the misery in the world at this very hour. To love someone means another has to suffer. Maybe, your happiness has been at the expense of someone else’s honesty. Somehow, there is no greater tyranny. Yet, people will readily volunteer themselves to be enslaved by their emotions. They’d rather love and suffer than know the truth and set themselves free. This is why intersubjectivity really sucks. If you want to make life easier, make sex a job more than what it is supposed to be. Keep it light like they do in Casting Couch X.


To find a new job is a challenge. To be able to finally get one marks the new beginning, but this can only really happen once one decides to enter the seemingly impossible and generally absurd. But I guess by embracing one’s fault do we recognize our own imperfections. And this is how it all goes with the porn casting scenario. The interviewer is fully open to whatever may be in the thoughts of the interviewee. For without even a word to say, they know what

The drill is so simple and you know how it already goes. You’ve seen the memes on 9gag and other gag sites that exploit the very image of the couch. You’ve seen it black and you’ve seen it white, but most of the times, yes, black. Nevertheless, the approach in Casting Couch X is one of a kind. It features none other than the hottest of all amateur babes. It would give you the impression that America may not have enough spots to fill in the jobless anymore. Truth is, these ladies are just following what their hearts tell them. And to be honest, this industry pays good. In the case of CCX, you’ll have your tongues spilling saliva over the floor with the 70 plus videos they have, each good for 50 minutes of kinkiness. The quality is so vivid with the HD cameras they are use to record. The perspective is in the first person POV which is very nice. And so it goes.

Nothing can be more refreshing than a porn site that feels like an actual simulation. Meet the girls face to face and feel like you’re fucking them live. Go with the Casting Couch X ticket to ultimate sensual ecstasy!