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According to Dr. Michio Kaku, the human brain is not a computer. The most powerful computer can do simultaneous computations say several billions per second, but there is just one problem or task in mind, say locating a star a thousand light years away. The human mind, in contrast, can analyze multiple problems or perform multiple tasks, all at the same time. Computers do not have an imagination, so they can only do problem-solving in which they have been specifically designed or programmed. And if you want to be amazed with how humans over computers truly rule the world, let us see the imaginations put into visualizations by Pink Visual Pass.


According to Dr. Kaku, there are as many brain neurons as the stars in heaven, and that is 200,000,000,000. So in the end, when somebody asks you, especially when things are so wrong, what were you thinking? Just remember that there can never be a single formula to life, for you do not compute things. Such is the massiveness of Pink V. Pass where there are thousands of videos to be had but it doesn’t matter the figure because you are in it for the ride than the end which you may never meet. But that is the beauty of it! Endless beauties of endless women and endless sex. Fun all the way!

None can stop the onslaught of the tides. The wind erodes the ancient edifices and the walls of faith. Reason will raze the cities to the ground. Most importantly, the 2,040 plus scenes of approximately 22 minutes each will drive your balls down to the world of vaginal glory. All the videos here are hard core and reality porn content and sometimes, you’d have to prepare yourself for some hardcoreness that you might not have encountered yet. Truth is, your way of seeing porn is never going to be the way it used to be with this glorious porno resource.

This is starting to sound like physicists are adapting one of the core philosophies of esoteric tradition. By that I mean that the spirit world is real and the mind-before-matter universe believed by the ancients is now as probable as the theory of big bang. Seems like science in the end will eventually be united with religion. and oh no, not the religion you think. I mean “secret society” religion stuff, not for the uninitiated. It’s all about revealing what it truth in the end, so for now let’s take one step after another with the first revelation being Pink Visual Pass for your sensual satiation!