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If you hope for happiness, if you want understanding, if you desire peace of mind, then it is not love that you seek. You might do well in life and yet feel empty. The world might lend you an ear but still you will yearn for something beyond. You can live in the comfort and care of friends but your spirit may remain restless. It is only when you realize why it matters to be with someone that you’d readily exchange immortality for that one and only one chance. This is reality and if you want to see the harsher yet sexually moving side of that, here’s Reality Junkies for you to know.


If and when you fall for someone, make sure that somebody is there to catch you, for it will hurt. Well, I believe you would imagine it should be him, but one of the greatest tragedies in life is to be mistaken about love more often than not. Notwithstanding all the juicy character of unrequited love, consider your pain as part of a conspiracy plot written by aliens and butterflies. The rendition of this romantic tragedy, they show it to you at RealityJunkies through two hours each per video that will portray all the stages of that kind of thing with great emphasis on its sexual investments.

You can hurt each other until you can no longer feel any pain. Kill each other until you no longer breathe another life. Destroy everything that you care for, swear to the heavens that the other burn in hell, or summon all the evil in this world to annihilate what may still remain. Or you can choose to just watch the 120 full movies they have set for you at RJ’s. Over 448 models have taken part in this kinkily digital journey creating over 600 scenes put into the movies. These are all exclusive content and they are for you to see as you become one with the team — subscribe!

When you are both through, don’t forget that even in the midst of such cruelty, there was something once whole that you are trying to break, for when all is said and done, ah, love is still the only affliction, the sweetest disease invented by the gods for their eternal amusement, that two people would dare not find some cure. There is no better way to delineate this lovely mishap other than through Reality Junkies.